Marvel Teases Game-Changing New Mutant: Meet Lycaon of Arakko

Marvel is introducing a new mutant powerhouse and they’re being teased as an Omega-level Wolverine. Get ready to meet Lycaon of Arakko.

In X-Men Red #11, Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli, Jacopo Camagni, Federico Blee, and Jordan D. White introduced Lycaon, a newly teased counterpart to Wolverine with an Omega level mutant gift. Lycaon has just claimed the Seat of Stalemate, one of the Dawn seats, in the Arakki government. The Seat of Stalemate is consulted when conflict results in neither victory nor defeat. Lycaon’s predecessor in this role was Idyll, an Omega-level precognitive who died during A.X.E.: Judgment Day.

It is unclear which of Wolverine’s abilities Lycaon supersedes all others in as an Omega. Wolverine’s most famous power is his healing factor, which, while impressive, has never been stated to be Omega-level. It may be best to assume that Lycaon has bestial qualities to a degree of intensity like no other, considering that his name is likely a reference to the king of Greek myth who was turned into a werewolf.

Regardless, the concept of an Omega-level Wolverine helping run a mutant planet will surely be fun to watch unfold.

Source: Screen Rant

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