3 Fashion Tips for the Summer

Summer is an exciting time that means different things to each one of us. It could be the time we finally get to spend with our family and loved ones. It could also be the start of a new adventure with nothing but a suitcase and a plane ticket to an unknown destination, or it could simply be a few months that you can finally spend resting after working hard for so long.

Whatever summer represents for you, there’s absolutely no doubt that you want to be looking your best for these treasured moments in your life, but finding a great outfit to wear always seems harder during the summer. The rising temperatures and scorching heat definitely limit your wardrobe to virtually nothing, but here are some fashion tips to help make things easier.

In general, any black article of clothing should be avoided due to the simple scientific fact that the color black absorbs more heat than any other color. The heat absorbed by the outer layer will be transmitted to your skin to make you hotter, especially with thinner fabrics and materials.

While there are definitely exceptions to this fashion tip – such as the role that the fit plays in this heat transfer – it may be easier to simply wear less black during the summer and opt for more colorful pieces. See this as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and use fashion as a form of personal expression. It can also be a chance to try out different styles and aesthetics that you might have wanted to explore for a while now.

Aside from color, fabric and material are also important things to consider when choosing an outfit, especially one that will be worn for more than a few hours underneath the sun. It’s pretty obvious that you should avoid thicker fabrics that can trap heat inside and make you feel uncomfortable, but then what are the fabrics that you need to look out for?

Cotton is definitely the number one choice for comfortable and breathable pieces in the summer because they’re soft, lightweight, and breathable. There’s also the added benefit that cotton is great at soaking up sweat, letting the heat escape from your body to help you stay cool.

Other fabrics that receive the stamp of approval are linen, silk, chambray, and jersey. On the other hand, you should avoid wearing anything made from polyester, rayon, denim, and fleece. As with everything, there are certain exceptions, so feel free to mix and match and just have fun with it.

You might be thinking that summertime automatically equates to sleeveless tops and short shorts, but this might not be the safest choice, especially when you’re going to be spending hours outdoors. Not only does this put you at risk of a sunburn, but it also increases your chances of skin cancer down the line.

A great way around this without sacrificing your comfort is by investing in light covers made from breathable fabrics – these include pashminas, shawls and other pieces that can provide protection for your skin. Another thing that you can consider is buying some sun protective clothing that is actually designed to reflect the sun’s harmful rays away from your skin, with the added perk of keeping you cool in hot and sunny conditions.

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