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Cryptocurrency deposits as an option for online slots

Did you know that next year the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary? Most people have heard of Bitcoin, even those who don’t necessarily gamble online and it has become a means of universally…

The Relation Between Video Games and Gambling

Video games and gambling will always be linked. New technology that drives video game improvements eventually influences slot games. This was illustrated perfectly by the digital revolution. In the early 1990s CGI began to become prevalent,…
Mobile slot players

Mobile slot players on the increase: The end of traditional gaming approaching

Where would the modern human race be without its keen grip on technological advancements? Especially in the 21st Century, it seems as though the world defines itself by its continued progress in the field of technology, and it is the main reason…
history of bingo

History of Bingo: One aspect of the game that has been forgotten

Although bingo was, initially, begun somewhere in the 16th century, the game was known today seems to have been established in around 1927. Although it’s not quite what we play today, many of the same elements were there, and it is likely…

Casino Design secrets

Casinos need to be cleverly designed to make the experience as enticing and enjoyable as possible for a wide range of different players, with different personalities, expectations and gambling styles. As technology has developed and the demographic…

European Roulette Explained

Throughout human history our species has always been on the lookout for new ways to gamble, with there being hundreds, if not thousands, of games being created over the last several thousand years. Oh yes, that’s right, we have been gambling…

Best Slot Games To Play In 2020

2020 has got off to the worst possible start than anyone could imagine. With the pandemic hitting hard and affecting numerous industries, it is hard to believe that the slots world is still releasing new games on a monthly basis. With the need…

Fluffy Too Slot gameplay review

Remember the days when you were but a small excitable child, looking forward to the time you could be an adult, able to drive cars, earn real money and go wherever you want? Let’s not pretend you weren’t fed up with having to be home by…
Gameplay review of Centurion Slot

Gameplay review of Centurion Slot

The ancient Roman empire is one of the biggest and most powerful empires ever existed. It has marked the history of humanity forever. From the Roman empire, we have inherited traditions and knowledge. Also, some Roman characters became…