Seattle Seahawks Rumored to Host 49ers on Thanksgiving in 2023

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to be hosting the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving in 2023, according to Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler of Sports Radio KJR. This would be the first time the Seahawks have hosted a Thanksgiving game in franchise history.

The Seahawks last played on Thanksgiving in 2014 against the 49ers, which resulted in a 19-3 win for Seattle. If the rumor is true, the game would likely be a primetime matchup on NBC, following the daytime games hosted by the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys.

While the rumor is unconfirmed, it has sparked excitement among Seahawks fans who are eager to see their team play on the national stage on one of the most celebrated days in American football.

Sources: Field Gulls

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