Add ChatGPT to Your WordPress Site with This $40 Plugin

ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI, has been making waves on the internet since its free research period. Now that OpenAI has released the API for ChatGPT, there are some super useful ways you can integrate the AI into your life. Whether you’re running a blog, an online shop, a personal website, or any other kind of WordPress site, you might want to check out the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin while you can still get a lifetime license for just $39.97 during the Spring Digital Blowout sale running from now until April 13.

When you integrate ChatGPT with your WordPress, you unlock front-end and back-end features, and both of them could save you a ton of time. If customer service isn’t your passion, let the robot do it. This Plugin lets you place a ChatGPT icon anywhere on your website that opens to a chat window where visitors can ask their questions directly. That’s not the only way this AI assistant might save you time. Bloggers, content creators, and website managers might especially enjoy ChatGPT’s ability to generate human-sounding content in moments. Just give it some basic information about what you need written and watch it type out a draft for you to fact-check and revise.

ChatGPT is impressive, but it’s still an AI. The work might not be perfect, but you can always ask it to revise based on your input. Blog posts, landing pages, video descriptions, SEO metadata, and more may take a fraction of the time when you don’t have to do it all yourself. Plus, if you have a question, now you don’t have to pull open another window to research the answer yourself. Just ask your little AI buddy and learn on the fly. Connect your OpenAI account to your new WordPress assistant and see how much work you two can do together.

Get the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin Lifetime License on sale for the best price online, just $39.97 (reg. $299). Prices subject to change.

Source: Mashable

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