“A White Lotus/Scream Crossover”: Mindy Actor Pitches Scream 7 At An Island Resort

Scream VI star Jasmin Savoy Brown has pitched an idea for Scream 7 to be set in a tropical island resort, similar to the setting of White Lotus. The Scream franchise primarily takes place in Woodsboro, California, but has also been set in Ohio, Hollywood, and New York. Brown revealed in an interview with Screen Rant that she would like Scream 7 to take place in Tahiti, Hawaii, or any other tropical island. She explained that she would like them to film at a tropical resort “simply because I want to go there.”

Brown’s pitch of a tropical island resort could be an intriguing possibility because it would isolate the core four, unable to escape, in an unknown location. Similar to New York, it would also bring countless strangers into the equation. A tropical resort could also break the trend of Ghostface being a friend of the core four. They could instead be lured or followed to the resort by the killer, making it harder to find a suspect. The duality of a paradise vacation with a mass killing in Scream 7 could add to Scream’s classic self-aware horror tropes and the humor they infuse the franchise with.

Although Scream 7 has not been announced, it seems likely given the success of Scream (2022) and Scream VI. If there is a Scream 7, one of the big questions is whether the core four will return to Woodsboro, stay in New York, or find themselves somewhere else entirely. Part of this could depend on when Scream 7 will be set. If Chad, Mindy, and Tara are still in college, it would make sense to keep them in New York. Another possibility is that Ghostface will draw them back to Woodsboro by killing the family they still have in their hometown.

Source: Screen Rant

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