6 Best WordPress Review Plugins For 2023

If you sell any type of product or service on a WordPress site, you can benefit from installing a WordPress review plugin. With reviews for your services or products and increasing social proof, you’re more likely to draw new customers to your business and retain existing ones.

Building trust and credibility through positive reviews on your website is a great way to connect with potential clients. Not only can reviews be powerful sources of marketing, but collecting reviews is also a great source of feedback from clients and customers, allowing you to make changes and improvements to your products and customer experience and form a relationship with your customers.

Here are my top six WordPress plugin recommendations. These will provide an attractive and easy-to-use review process for your website.

  1. WP Review Pro: With WP Review Pro, you get unlimited color selections and various rating options, such as stars, percentages, thumbs up/down, points, or a circle rating. The plugin supports 19 rich snippets, 16 predefined designs, multiple rating systems, user comment ratings, and compatibility with any WordPress theme. It also works seamlessly with Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews to extend your reach. Its highly customizable pre-defined designs make matching your branding or other popular review platforms easy.
  2. Site Reviews: Site Reviews is a simple review plugin that allows users to leave a review through a customized form. Reviews use a 1- to 5-star system and are filterable. You can also pin favorable reviews to the top so that they are the first reviews that customers see. The plugin can be used as a shortcode, custom Gutenberg block, or widget, and it supports native Elementor widgets to accommodate various theme and builder types and is free.
  3. Plugin for Google Reviews: Plugin for Google Reviews specifically displays ratings and reviews from Google using a public Google API. The free version will limit you to displaying five Google reviews. In contrast, the Business version, which runs $85/year for a single site, uses an API for your Google Business account, allowing unlimited Google reviews. The upgrade will also give you unlimited Yelp and Facebook reviews and sync your accounts for automatic updates. You can also mix and match reviews; customers can leave reviews through your website for other platforms.
  4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce: The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin allows customers who shopped in your store to leave written reviews and photos to increase your social proof and attract more customers. This plugin is localized to over 40 languages and installed in over 50,000 stores. You can have an email automatically sent when a customer purchases asking them to leave a review. You can even send coupons to those that do leave a review. The plugin also integrates with a service to verify the authenticity of reviews. It uses ratings, voting review types, and customer-submitted photos. Reviews can also be filtered.
  5. Starfish Reviews: The Starfish Reviews plugin sorts positive and negative reviews using a funnel system. The plugin is set up in the WordPress dashboard and can link to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and several other third-party review platforms. A positive or negative review choice is shown in the first step of the review. If the positive review is chosen, you give the customer single or multiple options of where they can leave their review. If a negative review is chosen, the feedback will be sent back to you, and you can be prompted for more information. Depending on the restrictions of the review platform(s) you are using, you can choose not to allow them to post a negative review or allow it. A very limited version of the plugin is available for free on WordPress.org. The Starfish Reviews plugin also has multiple paid tiers starting at $37 per month for one WordPress site and up to $197 per month for 50 WordPress sites.
  6. Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin: The Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin creates beautiful custom reviews that can be added to pages, posts, and custom post types. You have unlimited color and review criteria customizations with a choice of over 500 Google fonts to match various branding. Rating styles are points, percentages, and stars; multiple options are available for the rating image. Reviews can be displayed by Best, Recent, and Random. The Taqyeem plugin uses Google Rich Snippets for optimal viewing through search engines. It has a one-time purchase price of $29 through CodeCanyon, which includes six months of support. Additional support can be purchased.

The best WordPress review plugin for you will have the most customizable templates and an easy setup for the type of reviews you want to display, and it should best showcase the views for your website. You should also select the one that is comfortable to use and fits the needs of your website.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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