17 Unique Accessory Ideas for Grooms

When it comes to weddings, brides are not the only ones who should put thought into their accessories. Grooms can also add some personality to their attire by incorporating unique add-ons. From customized cufflinks to floral ties, these accessories will help show off your personal style and coordinate with your aesthetic. Here are 17 unique accessory ideas for grooms:

1. Customized Cufflinks: Instead of gravitating towards a standard set, consider adding some customization to your cufflinks. Have your initials or wedding date engraved on them for the perfect finishing touch that holds personal significance.

2. Stylish Watch: A watch will instantly jazz up your wedding outfit. Opt for a leather alligator strap for a more black-tie or special event look.

3. Floral Ties: Floral patterned ties are show-stopping accessories that will pop against a crisp white shirt and navy blue suit. Coordinate with a floral boutonniere to really drive the theme home.

4. Bold Pocket Square: Choosing a bold pocket square, in a contrasting color and pattern, will introduce more visual intrigue to a monochromatic look.

5. Layered Jewelry: Grooms can also get in on the fun by layering bracelets and necklaces on their big day. A simple gold chain will enhance and animate your attire, especially if it’s an heirloom jewel or a gift from your soon-to-be partner.

6. Lapel Pin: A lapel pin adds a decorative touch to your ensemble and is also a unique way to reflect your relationship. Choose a pin that symbolizes a special moment or place for you and your partner.

7. Sunglasses: Not only are sunglasses a functional accessory, but they also make quite the fashion statement. Opt for a sleek frame to add an air of cool to your overall look.

8. Contrasting Bow Tie: Combining light and dark shades is the best way to style any outfit. A black polka dot bow tie balances out a rose pink tuxedo jacket.

9. Bold Socks: Your socks won’t be visible to the public eye, so why not go bold with your selection? Slip on a pair with funky colors or quirky patterns that nod to your favorite hobby, hometown sports team, or beloved pet.

10. Swanky Watch: Invest in a swanky watch for your wedding day. An all-black design feels especially modern and stylish for a black-tie or glamorous wedding.

11. Leather Bow Tie: A leather bow tie with gold detailing evokes a chic and contemporary look. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your outfit if your wedding color palette embraces metallic accents.

12. Wide Satin Laces: Purchase wide satin laces for your tuxedo shoes to add a thoughtful layer to a traditional style and look more formal.

13. Personalized Pin: Your accessories are also a sweet way to remember deceased loved ones. Honor them by having their initials or birthday engraved on your pin.

14. Tie Bar: Use a tie bar to showcase key details from your wedding. Have evergreen trees sketched on the accessory to nod to your venue.

15. Pocket Square: Instead of a single bloom, pin an entire arrangement to your suit or tuxedo for a unique twist on the customary floral boutonniere.

16. Metallic Watch Band: A band infused with gold and silver will kick up the style factor for a black-tie wedding. Metallic accents are versatile and make for great heirloom pieces.

17. Printed Necktie: Accessories that feature unconventional colors and patterns will show a glimpse into your personality. You can never go wrong with polka dots, especially for a retro wedding.

Adding unique accessories to your wedding attire is the best way to incorporate some personality into your look. Choose one standout element to embrace and style your add-ons in a more subtle way. Not every accessory has to be on display. Sometimes, the best accessories are the ones that maybe only you and your partner are aware of or are revealed when a jacket comes off.

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