“I’m So Curious Who Their Dad Is”: Mindy Actor On The Meeks-Martin Family In Scream 7

Jasmin Savoy Brown, who played Mindy Meeks-Martin in Scream VI, expressed her desire to see more of the Meeks-Martin family in the next installment of the franchise. In an interview with Screen Rant, Brown revealed that she hopes to see more of Heather Meeks-Martin, the twins’ mother, and to find out who their father is.

Heather Meeks-Martin appeared briefly in Scream (2022) when the twins had their friends over to theorize about the killer. On their mantle was a remembrance of their uncle, Randy Meeks, which cemented their connection to the original Ghostface murders. However, Heather never appeared outside of this short cameo, and their father remains a mystery.

Brown wanted Heather Meeks to play a bigger role in the future. She also wanted to find out who the twins’ father is, whether he is from a previous Scream installment or a new character. Brown said, “We’ve already seen Heather, Chad and Mindy’s mom, but I would like to see more of her, and I’m so curious who their dad is. If he is someone from the past film, or if he’s someone new, I would love to see more of that family explored.”

The Meeks-Martin twins have been at the center of Scream (2022) and Scream VI, along with Sam Carpenter, who is grappling with Billy Loomis’ legacy and her own darkness. However, shifting the focus to the Meeks-Martin twins could bring a new perspective to the story. Exploring the generational trauma and how it has impacted them as well as their families could be an intriguing way to pull them back to Woodsboro.

Although Scream 7 hasn’t been announced, the success of Scream (2022) and Scream VI make it seem like an inevitability. If there is a Scream 7, Heather Meeks could have a more prominent role, especially after losing her brother and nearly losing both her kids to Ghostface killers. Scream 7 should explore the Meeks-Martin family further, with the twins’ parents stepping up to try and pull their children out of the line of fire. Another possibility could be to tie the Meeks family more prominently into the Ghostface legacy, drawing the core four back to Woodsboro.

Source: Screen Rant

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