Jason Oppenheim Reveals Why Selling Sunset Season 6 Is ‘Best Season Yet’

Jason Oppenheim, the real estate tycoon and star of Netflix’s hit reality show Selling Sunset, has revealed that the upcoming season 6 is the ‘best season yet’.

Oppenheim, who runs the Oppenheim Group alongside his twin brother Brett, said that the new season is loaded with everything fans are hoping for. In addition to the habitual drama, alluring fashion, and luxurious views, Selling Sunset season 6 also finds two new agents joining the Oppenheim Group.

Speaking to E! News, Oppenheim said that the newcomers, realtors Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young, brought ‘so much real estate, so much drama, so much energy’ to the show. He also expressed relief that filming was over but told E! News that he is excited to watch it unfold.

Initially, the expectations of Selling Sunset season 6 varied because of the absence of three original agents from the series. But it appears the newbies, in Oppenheim’s opinion, do a fine job of filling that void. A show that provides an inside look into the real estate market of the most astonishing pockets in the Los Angeles area promises entertainment off that concept alone. But what makes Selling Sunset such a binge-worthy series is the glamour in combination with the real-life conversations and experiences of the real estate professionals, and one of the Oppenheim brothers says that Selling Sunset somehow gets better.

Selling Sunset season 6 premieres May 19 on Netflix.


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