10 Questions with Jordan Harper of Barefaced Skincare

Jordan Harper, founder and CEO of Barefaced Skincare, shares her favorite powerhouse skincare ingredients, desert island skincare picks, and more! After years of treating patients as a Nurse Practitioner, Harper recognized that her community craved a simple, straightforward daily skincare routine that actually works. So she built one! Barefaced aims to strip your routine to the bare minimum, with the best results.

Based in Knoxville, TN, Jordan Harper’s skincare line, Barefaced, is helping consumers cut through the static with simple, approachable skincare. “We only bring new products to market when we are confident they will be innovative and best in class,” says Jordan. “The world doesn’t need more of the same skincare products!”

Harper’s philosophy is built on the concept of “less, but better,” and she believes that prevention and protection are key. She recommends investing in a daily SPF, and aside from that, there are three other products that are most important and transformative when used together: an exfoliant, a vitamin C, and a retinoid. Barefaced offers The Bare Necessities, a set of foundational products to promote long-term skin health that should be in every skincare routine no matter what your skin type is.

Harper’s skincare line goes deeper than just skincare. She chose Barefaced as the name because the true definition of the word means “unashamed or vulnerable,” which she believes are characteristics of courage. Her hope for Barefaced as a brand and community is that they have the courage to be confident in their skin and who they truly are — and to use that to build the life they desire to live. Skincare is just a small part of daily life, but it’s a ritual that, when followed consistently, yields rewarding, long-term benefits.

For more information on Barefaced Skincare and skincare education, visit their website and follow them on Instagram @barefaced and @jordanharper_np.


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