Wordle 2023: Today’s Answer and Hints for April 23 #673

Wordle 2023 is a popular word game that has been around since the early 2000s. The game involves finding words that are hidden in a grid of letters. Each day, a new puzzle is released with a different set of words to find. On April 23, the puzzle was #673. Here’s the answer and some hints to help you solve it.

The answer to Wordle #673 is ‘snow’. The word can be found in the top left corner of the grid. To help you find it, here are some hints:

  • The word is four letters long.
  • The word is related to winter.
  • The word starts with the letter ‘s’.

Wordle is a great way to practice your vocabulary and spelling skills. It’s also a fun way to pass the time. If you’re looking for more Wordle puzzles, you can find them on the official website here.

This content was originally sourced from Mashable.

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