Why a Lack of New Features Could be the Best Thing for iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17 update is expected to focus on adding new features rather than fixing bugs, according to a recent report. While this news may be exciting for some, others believe that a lack of new features could actually be the best thing for the software update.

As David Price writes in Macworld, iOS is at its best when it is invisible. The operating system should offer a smooth and friendly experience without drawing attention to itself. While new features can be exciting, they can also introduce new problems and detract from the overall user experience.

Price argues that Apple should focus on making sure everything works as it should rather than adding a bunch of new features that could potentially cause issues. He suggests that a maintenance update that improves performance and reliability would be more beneficial for users in the long run.

While it remains to be seen what iOS 17 will bring, it’s clear that there are differing opinions on what the focus of the update should be.

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