Where to Find All Hide-and-Seek Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Are you looking to complete the Hide-and-Seek mission in Honkai: Star Rail? You must find all three hidden children to progress the story. The mission quest location has been marked on the map, and the first two kids are easy to find. However, the third kid is a bit more complicated. Here’s a guide to help you find all the hidden children in Honkai: Star Rail.

First, you must teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor and walk forward until you find Hook. She will be hiding to your left. Then, go to your right and head up a hill, where you will find two wooden crates. Mole’s Sidekick will be to the right of these crates. The third kid, Julian, has disguised himself as a Seemingly Adult Man. Talk to the ‘man’ and you will reveal him as Julian.

Once you have completed the mission, look at your mission log, as the details will be updated. The updated mission description is hilarious and shows HoYoverse’s wicked humor. Completing the Hide-and-Seek mission in Honkai: Star Rail is a fun way to progress the story while crushing the hopes and dreams of the kids.

Source: Attack of the Fanboy

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