Where to Find All Campfires in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

For Week Seven of Fortnite Chapter Four, Season Two, players must locate and light three Campfires scattered throughout the island. Since a surplus of healing items and Augments are available this season, it’s unlikely that you’ve interrupted the flow of battle to keep yourself toasty at a Campfire recently.

Whether you’re looking to complete the Weekly Quest or fancy toasting some marshmallows and catching up on ghost stories, this guide contains the location of every Campfire in Fornite Chapter Four, Season Two.

Courtesy of Fortnite.gg, you can find the location of all Campfires in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two using the map above. The easiest way to complete the ‘Light Campfires’ quest is to land at Brutal Bastion, where you can find five Campfires within close proximity of each other. For a more secluded spot, try the lone island North of Knotty Nets to find two Campfires and take a short swim to the beach for the third. If you’re currently attempting the Attack on Titan Quests, Campfires are often found in areas possessing Regiment Footlockers, which can contain ODM Gear and Thunder Spears needed to unlock Eren Yaeger.

Players can gather around lit Campfires to receive a slow burst of healing. The flame will eventually die out but can be rekindled for 30 Wood outside of Zero Build. A little-known fact is that Campfires can also heal nearby vehicles — according to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, campfires can be used to heal both players and vehicles in the game.

When using a campfire to regenerate health, be wary if you’re also using a Chug Splash or Chug Cannon to replenish Shield simultaneously. If any slurp touches the Campfire, it’ll completely extinguish it.

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