Megaways slots are some of the most popular slots out there, chances are even brand new slot players will have seen a Megaways slot. First coming from developer Big Time Gaming in 2016, these best rtp slots soon took the online slot world by storm.

Megaways slots promise players over 117,649 ways to win! There are 243 paylines as well as five reels with three symbols, way more than the classic slot structure. The Megaways series may have a lot of titles but thanks to the variety of brands, gameplay and symbols that each slot uses they feel diverse enough from each other, ensuring players will not get bored of Megaways slots anytime soon.

How they Work 

On face value a Megaways slot may seem incredibly complicated, but it is actually very easy to understand. Megaways feature interchanging reels, these reels have symbols which vary with each spin. Due to this, the number of ways a player can win varies wildly with each spin. There are up to 117,649 ways to win on a traditional Megaways slot! There are six reels and on each reel there are up to seven symbols, their number is selected at complete random. Adding features such as multipliers and reel modifiers can increase the payout of a Megaway slot by a huge proportion.  

Benefits of Megaways Slots 

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of Megaways slots is the potential that they offer players. The chance to win with over 117,649 different ways is alluring for players, Megaways are simply a thrilling addition to online slot games. The amount of modifiers and multipliers that players can trigger only serves to help increase the excitement of possibly winning. However it’s not all about winning, the gameplay is equally exciting and fun. With moving reels and many bonuses to trigger, players will definitely find a lot to love about Megaways slots. 

Examples of Megaways Slots 

Below are just some of the Megaways slots that we implore you to try 

Bonanza Megaways 

This was the slot that started it all, developed by Big Time Gaming, Bonanza Megaways completely changed online slots. With its new reel and symbol structure and massive amount of chances to win, players flocked to Bonanza Megaways. While there have been many other releases since Bonanza, many fans still hold this slot in their hearts and for good reason. 

Monopoly Megaways 

Who doesn’t love a good game of monopoly? Well combining monopoly with the Megaways series proved to be a gigantic hit, taking the best parts of both games and producing a hybrid of sorts. Using all the familiar iconography of the classic board game as well as incorporating it into the gameplay, Monopoly Megaways is a must play for fans of either brand. 


Megaways slots may be new but they show no signs of waning popularity, each year promises the release of brand new Megaways slots. With so many different combinations to win and a huge variety of themes to use, Megaways slots aren’t going anywhere.

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