The rise of instant messaging and social networking platforms has forever changed the way we communicate with others. Though the landscape is completely different, there is still a huge spot that is left for emails. Contrary to what many believe, emails are far from dying and they will remain longer than expected.

Mobile devices also helped launched email usage as it has become more accessible. The total number of email users worldwide was estimated at 3.7 billion in 2017. Moving forward, the user count is expected to balloon to 4.3 billion by 2022. That being said, it is time we get in touch with our email accounts more. Luckily, there are a few apps that can help us sift through those annoying spam emails easily.


Unroll.Me is a free app that is perfect for people who are subscribed through various mailing lists or are the victim of countless junk mail. In hindsight, the app is an email subscription management service that gives users the great benefit of being able to manage all emails easily. The app itself may look confusing at a glance but it is one of most intuitive email organizers currently available. It has automated features that organize email as soon as it is received.

Users can unsubscribe to mailing lists they no longer want to receive updates from easily. It promotes better email management and productivity all in one go. What’s best about it is that its devs continue to support the app through updates that add in features and fix bugs regularly. The app streamlines the email viewing experience heavily. As a useful app, it promotes organization and productivity, above anything else.

Inbox When Ready

Inbox When Ready is a unique Chrome extension that will give users a more relaxing time while browsing through their emails. The extension gives users the ability to hide their inbox entirely. This means they won’t be able to immediately see incoming messages and existing ones the moment they log on to Gmail.

Why is this important? Not everyone is fond of seeing work-related emails especially when it is the weekend. Before Inbox When Ready, there was no way to avoid seeing messages while doing other email related tasks. The extension gives users a more relaxing time doing other email related tasks such as creating new messages for others.


Emails have a built-in feature that allows us to filter our messages in any way we prefer. The problem with this is that it can become a tedious task especially if there are many existing emails already. For businessmen, the problem becomes worse as they received emails regularly. This is where SaneBox sweeps in to save the day.

The deep-learning app uses algorithms to determine which emails fall into what categories. This way, the user’s inbox is automatically organized the moment he receives a new message. The only gripe with SaneBox is that it is a paid-app but each dollar spent on this helpful tool is well worth it.


Most of the apps stated above are geared towards personal use. For those looking for the next great digital solution to add to their company, Streak might be the answer to their prayers. Streak turns our email accounts into a makeshift customer relationship management (CRM) engine. This basically means its perfect for retailers and marketers.

Streak allows users to track, manage and coordinate members in a team through email. Additionally, it allows the user to send personalized emails to attract new customers and keep existing ones. Like SaneBox, Streak is a paid app. And like SaneBox, Streak is worth every dollar spent on it.

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