Understanding Elemental Weakness Breaks in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is an RPG with a rich exploration element and a solid turn-based battle system. It’s fast-paced in its delivery but deliberately designed to be quickly understood for its mechanics. One of the most important mechanics to understand is elemental weakness breaks in Honkai: Star Rail. Knowing this mechanic will help you choose your teammates and increase your chances of winning.

Elemental weakness breaks, and weakness breaks in general, refer to when you deplete your enemy’s toughness meter above their HP bar in battle. When you deplete their toughness with an elemental attack that corresponds to their weakness, additional effects are triggered. These effects include delaying the enemy’s turn and taking more damage. When combined with the Follow-Up attack mechanic and your preferred characters, you can create powerful team comps.

To take advantage of elemental weakness breaks, look at the enemy’s elemental weaknesses, shown above their HP and toughness bars. You’ll usually see the corresponding elements heavily displayed over your attack options for any given character. Understanding this mechanic is essential for success in Honkai: Star Rail.

Source: All Elemental Weakness Breaks in Honkai Star Rail, Explained | Attack of the Fanboy

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