Traveling can be a ton of fun, but staying in a new place leaves you open to potentially dangerous situations.  Here’s how you can stay safe while on the road!

1. Keep your valuables close

You might think that your lockable travel backpack or suitcase is keeping your valuables safe, but chances are it won’t deter most thieves. Make sure to keep your valuables on hand at all times, whether it’s in a travel belt or simply by keeping your backpack close.

2. Get travel insurance

Losing your valuables on the road is stressful, but travel insurance can help put your mind at ease. That way, if anything gets lost or broken, you can replace it at no additional cost.

3. Tell someone about your plans

Even if you’re traveling with other people, making sure someone back home knows your full itinerary is a good idea. That way if something happens, someone knows where you are.

4. Register with your embassy

Registering with your embassy lets the embassy know that you’ve arrived at your destination. That way, in the event of an emergency, you’ll receive up-to-date safety and evacuation information.

5. Blend in

Baseball caps, cargo shorts, Hawaiian button-up shirts… if your attire screams, “tourist!”, you’ll be a prime target for thieves and pick-pockets. Do your research on local dress codes before travel and when in doubt, dress conservatively.

6. Bring emergency funds

Being stuck in a new place with no money is one of the worst things that can happen while traveling. To avoid a sticky situation like this, bring along some extra cash or an RFID wallet and hide it away somewhere it won’t be found in case you’re pickpocketed or robbed.

7. Stay sober(ish)

While it’s fine to enjoy a drink or two, getting wasted while in a new place can quickly turn a fun night into a dangerous one. Make sure to keep an eye on your glass, monitor how much you drink, and always go out with a friend if possible.

8. Keep emergency info on hand

More often than not, you’ll have internet access but things can quickly go south if you’re in a dead zone or your phone dies. It’s a good idea to always keep a notecard or paper with important emergency info on your person. 

9. Travel with people

It’s true what they say—there’s safety in numbers. Traveling with other people means that there are more people to keep an eye on your things, watch your back, and scare away potential threats.

10. Stay aware

The best way to stay safe, simply put, is to stay aware. Maintaining a confident and aware stance is often all it takes to deter would-be thieves, attackers, and other kinds of trouble.

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