‘The Last Word’ on Saving Street Basketball in Chicago

Chicago’s parks have always been a hub for outdoor activities, especially sports. However, in recent years, basketball nets and rims have been removed from some parks, leaving children without a chance to play. Jahmal Cole, the founder of My Block My Hood My City, believes that this is unfair and has launched the Save Street Ball campaign to replace and restore rims and nets across city parks.

Cole argues that bringing back basketball to parks will lead to a safer city. According to him, basketball is a way to keep children engaged in positive activities and away from negative influences. He believes that by providing children with a safe and fun environment to play basketball, they will be less likely to engage in criminal activities.

The Save Street Ball campaign has gained significant support from the community, and you can find more information on the My Block My Hood My City website. It is heartening to see people come together to support a cause that will benefit the community as a whole.

Source: WTTW News

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