Career in Sales: Pros and Cons

Career in Sales: Pros and Cons There exist many types of sales jobs. While one position may be ide

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Career in Sales: Pros and Cons

There exist many types of sales jobs. While one position may be ideal for your career goals and personality, another may require skills you don’t have or just make you unhappy.

You can use the following information to get a better understanding of what to expect from this role and whether it is suitable for you.

Here are the main pros and cons of working in sales.

Find Your Career Capital

First of all, you need to have a persuasive and strong CV in order to make your job searching process successful. Whether you are willing to be a sales manager, outside salesperson or search within sales assistant CV companies, your application document is the first and foremost self-marketing tool to grab the recruiters’ attention.

Industry specialization is considered to be your “career capital”, so make sure you emphasize your specialization in the CV. Some job hunters make the common mistake when they suppose that “sales is sales.”

Only your industry specialization is the main reason why employers hire you rather than somebody else. It’s the reason why the company offers you a generous salary instead of choosing another recent graduate who is less expensive.

When you have a certain expertise, you shouldn’t jump to other sales industries in an attempt to challenge yourself. Once you develop a specialization, you have much more value to prospective recruiters, so they will most likely offer you a higher compensation plan and more benefits.

Income Pros and Cons

The potential to earn a lot of money is probably one of the top reasons why many people select a sales career. Even recent college graduates may expect the base salary of $50,000 with a full benefits package, commission, and other bonuses. After several years in sales, you might already make six figures and have enough contacts and work experience to command the same income with every position you pursue.

According to the study by, the average income in sales is between $59,000 and $160,000 per year.

However, with a high salary, comes high responsibility and accountability to deliver on your goals and numbers. This may add lots of stress and pressure which some people cannot handle. Also, it is significant to understand the income/commission percentage in order to calculate your real earnings. Some companies pay out 100% commission which means you won’t get a penny if you don’t sell.

Flexibility and Freedom: Pros and Cons

While corporate workers are constantly stuck in their cubicles, a sales professional can enjoy an ever-changing view from his car’s windshield. If you choose to be an outside salesman, you won’t even have a boss looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do. If you are a reliable specialist that doesn’t abuse freedom, you will be able to schedule your workday so that you can run some errands and have enough flexibility to perform your tasks.

On the other hand, the outside sales job may be quite lonely as you are out there far away from office life and colleagues. For some people, it is important to have daily interactions with coworkers in the office. Also, it is required to have a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation to establish your work schedule and be your own manager.

To sum up, every career in sales will be different based on the products you sell, the company you work for and your personal skills. Do your homework first and research as much as possible about the role you want to take before committing yourself to a certain sales job.

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