Sponsored Posts for SEO: The Definitive Guide (2018)

Sponsored Posts In 2018, Sponsored posts or contents still is one of the major actors in SEO, Many p

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Sponsored Posts

In 2018, Sponsored posts or contents still is one of the major actors in SEO, Many people believe Google can detect sponsored or paid link and you can get penalized by Google and it will ruin your business. This fact is true and not because if you behavior rockless then yea you will penalize by Google but if you know what to do this is the best way and easiest way to get rank on higher position possible. in this article, we're going to give you some useful advice about how and which website you should order sponsored posts and if you're a blogger We will show you how to earn money by selling sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts vs Ads

There is much difference between sponsored posts and ads but But there are still similarities. Differences:
  1. Ads are temporary but most of the sponsored posts not.
  2. Ads published by tired party but sponsored content not necessarily.
  3. Ads don't have any impact on SEO but sponsored contents yes.
  4. Ads are no-follow but sponsored posts are do-follow
  5. Ads promote a just small portion of our information but posts can include text, image, video and etc.
  1. most of the times we paid for the both of them.


What are sponsored posts?

I bet most of you has seen sponsored tags on some of the articles in news agencies or blogs. companies or individuals use sponsored articles to promote their products or services, If you have a successful business then you don't need to pay for posts but if not they won't accept your content except you pay them and most of the times the huge amount of money. another reason that companies use Sponsored contents is the impact of it on Website authority. It can unbelievably increase your website or blog organic search queries. and there is a simple rule on the internet if you're in the higher position you're rich. So if you have a brand to promote it is the right article for you.


Do follow links

The main reason to order a sponsored content is the do-follow links When you have a link from another website it will increase your domain authority, the higher score your website has the higher position you get, but not all of links types. As an SEO expert, I always avoid no-follow link no matter what but Google see this links either(that I don't recommend strongly).

Posts size

In my experience, when you order a sponsored content doesn't matter what is the posts word count, the only thing matters are you give a perspective to Google that I don't pay for this content, they write it themselves and I don't have any relation to this link it's all happened without my knowledge. if you do above tactics you will succeed, so when you want to order a post give unique content for each website, see your product by them perspective or ask them to write you one. Meaning

Promoted posts vs sponsored stories

this is one of the major actors on ranking if your content promoter writes that this is a promoted content you will lose all of your efforts, So ask the publisher to not put this keyword on your content.


Sponsored posts now are one of the methods that bloggers can make money by them. If you're a hard-working blogger you don't need to run ads, with only some post order you can make more than ads annually. For example, you're writing about foods, now make an arrangement with restaurant near your location or local to give a review with a link to their website or profile. if you keep the price lower then most of the marketplaces will order from you. The other method to get an order from a marketplace is that you promote them by using your social media or your social media networks, if you can get an order first try some of them for free then they will come and ask.  

What bloggers charge for sponsored posts?

if you're a blogger or you want to give an order to blog and want to know the price, actually there is not fixed rate it depends on business blogger authority and customer, for example, the price for sponsored posts travel blog can be a range $30-$500, but you can negotiate. but keep in mind you had to pay minimum $10 for each content.  

How to get sponsored posts on your blog?

It is very easy, create a page for ordering posts give them your contact data or register on newswire websites like Dragplus.com and ask them to send you sponsored posts but keep in mind there will be a commission for example 30% per content.  

Accept sponsored posts

it depends on you to get an order or not but if you do there are unwritten rules, for example, do not put "sponsored posts" tags on any place of the article if edit makes content more useful then edit it without asking for a money. Some people mix up sponsored posts and guest posts if you want to know my opinion I do not recommend the guest post, why? because the person who sent it to you properly send it to other guys and Google doesn't like the duplicate content it will hurt your ranking. I forgot to mention you can accept video posts either. We have three steps: 1) writing posts 2) editing posts 3) publish posts  

blog posts rates

Costs: Please use this table to buy sponsored blog posts:  
Title URL Domain Authority Price/Content
Dragplus https://dragplus.com 45 $15
Copify https://copify.ir 35 $10
  If you want to sell sponsored posts with us contact us at: ads@dragplus.com


Facebook sponsored posts vs ads

Facebook has it own promoted posts in business pages, you can share content with your page and then by buying credit you can promote your posts to reach the possible person, there is character limitation on facebook and doesn't have much effect on SEO and sometimes it's annoying users. The posts cost price is depending on your budget you can promote when and where and which users to see your ads. What are sponsored posts on facebook? For Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads and other Facebook ad types, advertisers pay per impression or per click. Another difference between Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads is that Promoted Posts are only shown to a page's existing fans, with an option to reach friends of fans as well.[source]   how to sponsored posts on Facebook to get started with publishing posts on Facebook just follow this link.   How to get sponsored posts on facebook If you have a page with big likes and audience then sometimes people ask you to publish a post on your page.  


With the Instagram appearance, we faced many celebrities each day and they earn unbelievably money. with Instagram you have two option 1) order ads from Instagram and get listed with the target audience or order posts/story from influences or celebrities. if you want to order celebrity sponsored Instagram posts justs find them with your budget and send the message, most of the time they won't answer but you can try with their Program manager. As Dragplus we have the plan to create an influence network that helps business and individuals to paid or get paid for Instagram posts if you interested contact us. if you want to know how much celebrities earn from Instagram read this article.  


Linkedin is one of the major networks that you can invest in your business, there is an ad platform that you can order targeted ads on your network or new connection check it here . but there is many pages and people that has more than 30K connection in their network and has high potential for posts and your business.


There are no sponsored articles on Twitter but you can promote your tweets if you want to know about Promoted Tweets check out this article. You can also advertise your product on Twitter check out costs on this page.  

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Contact us for sponsored posts ads@dragplus.com  
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