Hire Your Very Own Dedicated Website Designer From India

Given the vagaries of fortune that usually accompany working with an offshore freelancer even where

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Given the vagaries of fortune that usually accompany working with an offshore freelancer even where simple, non-core business functions are concerned, one can well imagine the intellectual mayhem that lies in store for the unsuspecting client who ambitiously offloads complex tasks like website designing to a remote freelancer.

A website's design is crucial to its success because only the well-designed website is capable of pulling in the right traffic.

No doubt, outsourcing has traditionally been associated with freelancers ? those faceless entities working from some remote Third World country's location. While very basic and non-complex tasks were usually outsourced initially, handing over crucial core business functions to an external agency or individual was simply considered suicidal. However, with the evolution of outsourcing, all that has changed as the virtual employee or the remote employee has emerged as the new face of outsourcing. This concept was first introduced and popularized by one of the leading Indian outsourcing companies, VirtualEmployee.com. This service provider specializes in providing its global business partners with full-fledged remote employees who are expert in any office work from any field.  In other words, the ubiquitous freelancer has been replaced by a far superior alternative ? the virtual or the remote employee.

So, when any company decides to outsource website designing, instead of contracting with an endless stream of freelancers, they sign a contract with the vendor who provides them with a dedicated website designer who works exclusively for just one client at a time and on a long-term basis. That is to say, this virtual employee works just like a locally hired employee except that they do so from the vendor's office some halfway across the globe.

Since India is the world's favourite IT outsourcing destination, with one of the largest English-speaking workforces in the world, it is easy for a company to search for and get the best available talent in this highly popular domain. Hiring a freelancer to handle specialized IT functions can severely jeopardize the outsourcing process. A reliable outsourcing vendor who is capable of providing you with a dedicated human resource ? your very own remote employee ? is your best bet.

There are many advantages in outsourcing to a full-time dedicated website designer.
  1. A full-time website designer employee devotes his working hours to your work and your company alone, unlike a freelancer who handles several clients and their assignments simultaneously. A full-time virtual employee is your very own dedicated resource, just like any other locally hired worker, and someone for whom your work will always be first priority.
  2. Your website designer works out of the well-equipped office of the outsourcing vendor, enjoying easy access to all the latest hardware and software required for website designing. A freelancer who usually works from home with limited resources, faces this major disadvantage.
  3. Website designing calls for close interaction between client and employee. Thanks to the vendor's sate-of-the-art communication technology ? video conferencing, Skype, webcam, etc ? it is very easy for a client to manage, control and collaborate online with their virtual website designer and developer.
  4. With VirtualEmployee.com's unique business model, you know who is working for you because the client is involved very closely with the recruitment process all throughout. The final candidate is handpicked by the client themselves after a rigorous dual screening and interviewing process.
  5. The vendor's office functions like an offshore extension of your own office, furnished with all the modern means of communication that make it easier for you to interact with your remote employee even several times a day, if needed.
  6. Your website designer enjoys a 24x7 HR support and IT back up in case of technical glitches, so that means your work does not get hampered or needlessly delayed. A freelancer from a Third World destination has to face frequent power outages and internet failures, all leading to work getting delayed or stalled.
  7. Data security is never a threat with your virtual employee. The vendor's office has state-of-the-art technology like large severs for storing client data and a virtual work environment that ensure safeguard of precious and confidential company information.
So, hire a full-time website designer to work remotely for you in a dedicated manner is what differentiates great outsourcing from a mediocre one.

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