When dozens and hundreds of other people apply for your dream job, it is important to be noticeable, so it is imperative to present yourself in a particular way, as a professional and a modern person.

Today, an online resume (i.e. resume website) is a good practice for any freelancer, specialist, and jobseeker. And it’s also a great alternative to an old good MS Word file, that is located on a virtual disk that instantly gives HR a clear idea of ​​you as an employer, looks perfect on any device, and never gets lost!

In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of an online resume, as well as tell you how to create it in such a way as to double your chances for success!

What is an online resume?

Your resume website is more than just an electronic version of your traditional Microsoft Word resume. This is your own unique personal website that tells in detail and in the most acceptable and advantageous form about your education, professional skills, and experience, previous workplaces, successful projects that you worked on.

The resume site allows you to use such features as unique design, easy navigation, colorful photos, interesting videos, buttons, and links to attract attention and convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the position.

  1. How to create a resume website without too much of a headache?

Even though an online resume is a fairly simple type of website, many may find it costly to create such a site in a web studio; and creating it from scratch is simply an impossible task for a person that has no special knowledge in the field of web development.

Therefore, the best choice for creating such a site today is site builders. All you need to do is select the template you like, modify the design as you see fit, add your content, and publish the site.

Unfortunately, not all site website builders can help turn the process of creating a website into an exciting journey. The templates look too similar, the functionality of the sites is limited, the possibilities for customizing the template design are too few, the complex editor takes a lot of time to learn the basic options, and the poor SEO features available on the free/initial pricing plans do not allow search engines to find your site.

So it’s very important to choose the right platform that suits your needs best!

If you just need a simple but effective website and you want to launch it as quickly as possible, we recommend you to try one of the young site builders, such as Weblium. You can easily turn any Weblium’s professional modern template into a unique site using a simple visual editor and advanced design customization options.  

With Weblium, you can easily create an effective resume website even with a free pricing plan, and it will get indexed by search engines and attract attention by default.

  1. Pros and cons of a resume website

According to Workfolio (famous developer of applications for job seekers), 56% of all HR managers pay much more attention to candidates’ personal sites than to any other self-promotion tools.

A resume site really has a lot of benefits over a traditional resume. But also it has some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

3.1. Pros of an online resume:

Easy to use. Almost any job seeker can manage such a site without having the appropriate experience. Even a child can easily navigate in the simple, intuitive drag’n’drop Weblium editor: it allows you to focus on creating the perfect website instead of understanding the editor itself!

You become more visible for employers. Thanks to the Internet, you can find a job in two clicks. Having an online resume, you don’t even need to look for a job – HR will himself find you. Or you can share your portfolio simply by sending someone a link to your site.

It helps to control your online presence. If the hiring manager is looking for you on Google, a personal resume site may be the first search result he will see.

You can demonstrate your personality. Employers want to know as much as possible about your work experience. You can do it easily with a dynamic website: it is more informative, modern, and impressive than a traditional resume in Word format.

It helps to show that you are up-to-date, following trends and tech-savvy. For many types of occupations, it’s important to demonstrate that you are familiar with current web trends and know something about computers. According to statistics, only 7% of applicants have their own sites, so a resume site will help to stand out from the crowd.

All Weblium templates are created taking into account the latest trends in web design. If you have such a website, HR will consider you!

You get a space for creativity. When you create a site yourself, you have the opportunity to express your non-standard vision in dozens of ways: design, navigation, copyright, video, etc. A resume site, in contrast to a traditional resume, is your personal “corner” on the Web, where you set the rules.

The wide range of design customization options offered by Weblium will allow you to create a truly unique website design. So you will get a chance to stand out and be noticed!

It’s simple to upgrade. Having a resume site, you do not have to retype your Word resume dozens of times. Just add your latest successful projects, skills, recommendations, awards to your website – and employers will immediately see them.

You get additional opportunities to advertise your services. Your resume website (especially if it is SEO-optimized) works as an advertisement and finds new customers! All sites created on Weblium are set to be indexed by the search engines. Your site will begin to attract HRs and customers immediately after it is published!

It is the best choice for IT professionals and creative people. The effective resume site is clear evidence that you’re worth something!

You can add unlimited amounts of information. Unlike traditional resumes, where you only succinctly present your multi-faceted personality and unlimited abilities, you can add any number of projects or skills to your site (however, remember that “less is more” – no one will surf your site for hours).

3.2. Cons of a resume website:

The resume site is not a universal tool – that is, it may not be suitable for some types of work. In other words, a resume site is the best choice for independent specialists.

Your resume site may not live up to your high expectations. This happens if you have absolutely no idea how to create sites or how to promote them. And again, a simple Weblium editor will help you, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Some people are unable to regularly update their resume sites. In this case, the outdated resume site will scare away your potential employer. The main thing about resume websites is keeping them updated.

Contemporary resumes are sometimes ATS-unfriendly. Many big firms use ATS (applicant tracking system), that may not recognize your website’s unique design and formatting.Some HRs don’t think that visual content is a necessary element of a resume. This applies to some traditional industries that believe in old-school resumes: your modern resume website won’t impress these guys.

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