New Season of Apex Legends Launches with Arsenal Update

The highly anticipated new season of Apex Legends has finally arrived with the Arsenal update. The update brings a ton of new content and updates, including a new Legend, major map updates to World’s Edge, and much more. Here are some of the exciting features:

  • New Legend: The update introduces a new Legend named Ballistic, who has interesting passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. He can carry three weapons and buff nearby teammates with increased speed and unlimited ammo.
  • World’s Edge Map Updates: World’s Edge has undergone major changes with the addition of a new vault, a museum called Monument Point of Interest, and modifications to the Harvester and Lava City areas.
  • Firing Range Overhaul: The Firing Range has been completely overhauled with an agility course, training grounds, and a duel pit for player versus player action.
  • Weapon Mastery Progression System: Every weapon can now be leveled up by completing challenges related to that weapon, earning rewards along the way.
  • Evac Tower: The new item can be found in all the same places as most other items and can be used to traverse the map quickly.
  • Ping Wheel Update: New ping options have been added to strengthen and improve squad communications.
  • Battle Pass: As with every new Apex Legends season, Arsenal features a unique Battle Pass complete with new Challenges and Rewards.

For more details on the Arsenal update and upcoming events, visit the official website and follow @PlayApex on Twitter.

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