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Where would the modern human race be without its keen grip on technological advancements? Especially in the 21st Century, it seems as though the world defines itself by its continued progress in the field of technology, and it is the main reason behind such things as mobile phones, the Internet and hundreds of other things. There are not that many other places where this technological progress can be as keenly felt as in the gambling industry, mainly because the emergence of online casino has resulted in a completely revamped gambling landscape. In the 20th Century and before you had to go to a physical casino in order to gamble at most games, especially things like slot machines and roulette, however these days you can do all your gambling from the comfort of your own home thanks to the online casino explosion.

This fact has dramatically changed the way people gamble, meaning that many of the traditional institutions have ended up almost being left behind. The super casinos in places such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macua will be fine because they offer so much more than just a regular gambling experience, but what about the smaller, less expansive casinos? It is a testing time for them, and this is something that is accentuated even further when you consider the mobile slot industry’s progress too. Mobile slots have only been around for about a decade, but they are already attracting more slot gamblers than all the physical casinos put together – click to play slots. You can hardly blame people for opting to spin the reels of their favourite UK slots online rather than at an actual casino, but it is having a definitive impact on the traditional slot gaming approach. Let’s take a deeper look at this question.

Traditional slot gambling 

Traditionally speaking slot gamblers would always have to visit a casino slots hall in order to spin the reels, or in a less frequent amount of cases go to their local pub or bar. It was like this for several decades – basically ever since Charles D. Fey invented the Liberty Bell slot machine, all the way through to the last years of the 20th Century. 

There is something wonderful about the tactile feeling of pulling a slot lever and hearing the coinage fly out if you win, but unfortunately less people are doing it as the years go by. It seems as though the golden age of Las Vegas slots halls could be coming to an end. 

Online slots and their effect on traditional slot gambling 

It is difficult to put the effect that online slots had on the traditional slot gambling industry into words, because is it absolutely nothing short of gargantuan. When the first online slots were coming out in the first years of the 21st Century it created a massive excitement within the slot gambling community, because for the first time people were free to spin those reels from the comfort of their own home. 

The emergence of online slots therefore had an unprecedented effect on traditional slot gaming. People immediately started choosing online slots over physical land-based slots, and in fairness who can blame them? There is one positive, however, and that is the fact that more first time gamblers have been exposed to slots via online slots, and many of them go on to play the real thing in physical casinos out of curiosity. 

A new way to gamble 

The really huge effect that online slots had on the wider gambling world was that they had intrinsically changed the way people gamble, with people suddenly being able to gamble away to their hearts content from home rather than inside a casino. It therefore made the whole practise a lot more practical, and two decades later it seems almost as though the only way to gamble is from home. 

The emergence of mobile slots 

Online slots undeniably blew the gambling industry wide open on their release in the early 2000s, but it was the mobile slots development that really ended up changing things massively. It took a while for developers to crack the mobile slots question, mainly because of insufficient technology in the HTML5 domain, however when they did it proved to make an almost immediate impact. 

One of the hallmarks of 21st Century society is the fact that pretty much everybody has a smart phone and will spend an ample amount of time on it too. It is therefore not hard to see why the emergence of mobile slots has had such a huge impact already. 

Mobile slots statistics 

If you don’t believe us when we say how much of an impact mobile slots have had on the wider gambling industry just take a look at some of the statistics. For example, the British gambling industry reported an increase of 300% for revenue coming from mobile gambling alone in 2010. Fast forward to the present day and mobile slots account for well over half of all slot players in the world, meaning that even traditional desktop online slots are feeling the brunt of this new technology. 

Has the mobile slot player increase had an effect on traditional gaming? 

The emergence of mobile slots and subsequent increase in mobile gamblers has had a huge effect on traditional gaming, and it has only been around a decade since this change was first implemented too. People are a lot less likely to go to a real casino and engage in traditional gambling when they can do it from the touch of a button on their smartphones. 

Traditional gaming, therefore, is getting a lot less customers, however this is not to say it’s going to go extinct. In fact, some casinos have reported an increase in traditional slot gambling, simply because people are curious to try the real thing after spinning the reels on their mobile devices.   

What does the future hold? 

Mobile gaming is going to get a lot more prevalent as time goes on, however we would refrain from saying that this means the end of traditional gaming.

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