“Jabbed In The Neck”: American Idol’s Luke Bryan Narrates Katy Perry’s Hair & Makeup Routine

American Idol judge Luke Bryan narrated a video of Katy Perry getting ready for an episode of the show’s 21st season. In a recent Instagram post, Katy showed off how she gets ready for the show beforehand. However, what could have been a standard hair and makeup routine turned into an entertaining look inside her trailer as Luke provided a voiceover to explain what was happening.

As Katy’s team got her ready, Luke’s colorful commentary stole the show. He started off by hilariously claiming Katy was getting “jabbed in the neck.” At one point, Katy closed one eye at a time, and Luke compared it to a “baby doll…robot.” He clearly didn’t know any of the correct terminology for the makeup and techniques being used, so he said things like, “She’s getting some dust put around her eyes.”

Katy’s video with Luke’s commentary was hysterical. It was clearly a hit with fans because the comments section of the Instagram post is filled with positive reactions.

The American Idol judges’ chemistry is very evident–and has been for years. It’s always obvious when a judging panel doesn’t get along, like what happened with Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj during American Idol season 12. Sometimes, tension can work in their favor, like with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul in the early years on FOX. They weren’t afraid to call each other out or be super blunt (in the case of Simon) to the singers, but the chemistry was there and it worked for them.

As for Luke, Katy and Lionel, their banter is more upbeat and playful, a sharp contract to the original judging panel. The American Idol season 21 finale is coming up in a matter of days, but it’s unclear at this point if the current trio will be sticking around next year.


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