“It’s more than just about narcissism”: Sylvester Stallone, 76, Says Fitness isn’t Flexing Muscles in the Gym

Sylvester Stallone, the 76-year-old actor, shared his view on how exercising has affected his mental health and has guided him to a bigger and better life. He acknowledged that the body’s response to exercise and nutrition evolves over time, and he embraces new strategies to accommodate these changes. In an Instagram post, the actor went on to detail explaining and motivating his followers while sharing his tips and tricks along the way.

Stallone said, “I’ve been thinking more and more about the aspect of working out,–It’s more than just about narcissism or ‘look at me, I wanna flaunt this and that’. There’s no doubt in my mind that if you’re not feeling good and strong, like you’re competing, or if you’re reminding yourself of the way you used to be, it affects everything.”

He further added, “It’s not about living in a gym,–but just finding something that gets the blood flowing through the body. It will affect your brain, it’ll affect your confidence, it’ll affect your optimism. That’s why when people feel sick, they only have one dream – to feel better. And when you don’t feel sick at all, there’s 10,000 things they want. When you’re that distracted, you’re wanting that many things, it’s hard for any of them to come to you”.

Stallone’s perspective on maintaining a good physique will inspire a lot of people and prevent them from taking the wrong steps. He also expressed his point of view concerning the connection between wealth and contentment in an interview. Despite having amassed a remarkable collection of $400 million throughout his distinguished career, the 76-year-old honestly conceded that money does not necessarily equate to true joy.

Source: FandomWire

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