“Inspire creativity and bring joy”: What’s driving TikTok and its users – Mediaweek

TikTok, the popular social media platform, is driving creativity and joy among its users. In an interview with Mediaweek, Denny Handlin, head of global business marketing at TikTok Australia & New Zealand, discussed the platform’s involvement in Advertising Week APAC and its impact on the marketing industry.

Handlin highlighted the benefits of participating in Advertising Week APAC, including showcasing TikTok’s creative community, brand, products, and advertising solutions. The platform also gains valuable feedback and perspectives from industry peers, which helps improve its platform and advertising capabilities.

TikTok is actively participating in various discussions and panels during the event. These discussions cover topics such as the current state of the ad-funded web, navigating creativity in a data-driven world, and how high-performing brands are partnering with creators. The platform is also hosting conversations with industry leaders and friends to share insights and success stories.

Handlin identified three key industry trends: the combination of AI and human insights in creativity, community-first creativity, and the return of joy in advertising. He emphasized the importance of entertaining content that makes people laugh, cry, or feel something. TikTok users also appreciate content that addresses social issues, promotes sustainability, and showcases brands’ social responsibility.

Looking ahead, TikTok’s focus is on creativity and innovation, commerce and measurement, and safety and transparency. The platform aims to provide more creative and immersive advertising solutions, integrate e-commerce features, improve measurement tools, prioritize community safety, and maintain a transparent ecosystem for advertisers.

Overall, TikTok continues to inspire creativity, bring joy, and provide an engaging and safe platform for its community and advertisers.


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