‘I’m travelling to Turkey to help feed refugees in earthquake disaster’ – Coventry Live

Coventry teacher Kam Basra is traveling to Turkey with UK-based humanitarian organization Khalsa Aid to help refugees in need. Kam Basra, who teaches at the President Kennedy School, will be traveling to the Syrian border and working with four or five different refugee camps. They will be distributing 13,250 food bags, which will include rice and lentils, and will be giving out the same amount in hygiene bags.

Kam told Coventry Live that it will be a challenge but she is dedicated to going due to the seva (selfless service) in her Sikh religion. As well as working as a full-time teacher, Kam is out with Khalsa Aid’s project Langar Aid serving 200+ meals in the community every day and says it’s just part of her daily routine. She said, ”I’ve always had the passion to help, being a Sikh, selfless service is something that all Sikhs should be doing being part of the religion and one of the principles is to recognize the whole human race as one. She added, It doesn’t matter what path you are on, we are all the same and as Sikhs, we should be helping everybody”.

In February 2023, Coventry Live reported on the tragic earthquake that hit southwest Turkey and the war-torn region of southwest Syria. It has now claimed the lives of 50,000 people and in February we heard from the Turkish community in the city with some telling us they were ‘shaking and that it was indescribable’.

Khalsa Aid is working with partners in Turkey and looking at long-term solutions on how they can help people who have been affected by the earthquake. A team is currently out there helping with medical support, such as physiotherapy, and prosthetic limbs for refugees who have been caught up in the civil war.

The President Kennedy School itself has been working alongside Khalsa Aid for a number of years and provide food parcels for families in need due to the current cost of living crisis.

In the winter they have an initiative called ‘A bag of warmth’, where the students get involved in helping homeless people with essential items such as hats, gloves, scarves, and sanitation.

Sharing what she hopes to get from the experience, she told Coventry Live: ”I would love to share my experiences with other people, for me, it’s a privilege to go and help others”.

To support Kam and Khalsa Aid on their trip, you can visit: Khalsa Aid. Or to donate any essential items, you can contact Mr Ismail at the Coventry Cultural Education Centre at 280 Folehill Road, Coventry CV6 5AH.

Source: Coventry Live

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