I tested the new Charlotte Tilbury makeup dupe that’s under £10 in Superdrug and it delivered the same results

Charlotte Tilbury’s stunning contour wands are definitely worth the investment. But at £30, you’ll usually find you can only grab one rather than several at a time. The great news is there’s a £6 dupe for this universally-loved beauty weapon at Superdrug, which means in hindsight you could pick up about four of these for the price of one of Tilbury’s. Top marks.

Collection Cosmetics have new liquid highlights wands which apparently have the same incredible level of pigmentation, with a creamy feel. And with the price tag of only £6 – this was like music to my ears.

Heading down to my local Superdrug, I see the wands come in three shades: Peach Pleasure, Sweet Nothings and Strobelight. I hoped this new summer essential, which is also vegan, would not only help me add a radiant glow, but also save me up to £15.

I pick up the Strobelight shade as my makeup bag is packed with far too much bronzer and blusher. I realise very quickly that the product is a total replica of Charlotte Tilbury’s much-loved product.

It comes with a built-in applicator sponge (check), buildable, natural-looking coverage (check), and liquid formula (check). But does it deliver the same results?

After prepping my skin with primer and then adding some light liquid foundation, I then add Charlotte Tilbury’s product to the left side of my face. I then add two dots of highlighter of the Collection’s version to the right.

The shade is a very close match – there is no denying that. Both look exactly the same and provide similar levels of shimmer on my cheekbones. The pearlescent pigment that is so synonymous with Charlotte Tilbury was pretty much copied and pasted. Collection Cosmetics has managed to capture that shimmering highlight, which blends blissfully into the skin with a buildable glow. Because it costs a fraction of the high-end alternative, I’m surprised people aren’t running to the shops. For those who want something similar but for a little less, you need to check out this product.

The glow-giving formula of Tilbury doesn’t look any different from this cheaper version. Hooray for that.

You can view the full product range at www.collectioncosmetics.com and can also shop the Collection Cosmetics brand at Boots or Superdrug. You can also buy the Charlotte Tilbury light wands here.

Source: MyLondon

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