“I Did? When?”: Grant Gustin Reacts To The Flash Cameo In Titans

The Flash star Grant Gustin recently made a cameo in Titans, a DC TV show, and had no idea his character was used elsewhere. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gustin was asked about his brief appearance in Titans season 4. However, Gustin had quite a funny reaction to it, as he didn’t even know they had used old footage in the Titans episode when they focused on the multiverse.

Gustin said: “I did? When? [The actor laughs as his cameo in that scene is explained to him.] This is good. Don’t cut this. It’s old footage, obviously. Wow. That’s really cool. I had no idea.”

Despite The Flash coming to an end this week on The CW, the door isn’t necessarily closed on him making future cameos as The Flash. The Flash movie, which will help reset the DCEU into the DC Universe, will be a big example of the multiverse concept. At some point, Gustin could easily crossover to the new DC Universe for a cameo or two, whether it be in one of the films or TV shows.

Time will tell if Gustin ever suits up again as The Flash, but the actor has made it clear several times this year that he is open to the idea. Hopefully, once a few years have passed after The Flash is over, Gustin and DC Studios will find a way to work together, as a way to pay homage to the larger Arrowverse.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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