How to Get the Drifter Outfit in Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has plenty of customization options, and many players are looking to acquire the Drifter Outfit. While you are taking a break from trying to unlock an elusive red lightsaber, it can be worthwhile hunting for some outfits from chests in the game world. This article will take you through how to get the Drifter Outfit in Jedi Survivor.

You can get the Drifter Outfit in Jedi Survivor on Koboh within the Viscid Bog. You will be best to travel to the meditation point which is very close to the chest with the Drifter Outfit inside. You will visit the Viscid Bog naturally during a quest when you have to rescue a certain ally character from the Lucrehulk — in order to avoid spoilers, I won’t mention that character’s name for you!

The chest itself can be found by running forwards from the Viscid Bog meditation point (until after the tent) and then jumping to the closet rock platform found on the swamp. After you are on that platform in the swamp, jump again to the next one with the dead (leafless) tree standing near a chest. Inside that chest will be the Drifter Outfit.

Yes, there is a large winged creature guarding the entrance to the Viscid Bog and as of yet, we haven’t found a way to get around this in the early game. A grapple point is just below where the creature is perched and you can’t grapple up to it. We would recommend waiting until the natural Lucrehulk quest to start your hunt for the Drifter Outfit.

There is plenty of reason to go for the Drifter Outfit, it has a brilliant style to it and you will also be able to increase your outfit collection number even more. Time to take a visit to the Viscid Bog on Koboh soon.

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