For both the high roller and the conservative player, slots are always a fun way to win the day and make bank! But how do you maximise your returns to get the most bang out of your buck? Return to player percentage or RTP is what you need to pay attention to if you want to lock in those sweet returns, and we will give you a few tips on how to find it. 

Why is it so important to know your slots return? 

●     When you are playing slots, you are playing against the house, so it’s important to know what kind of odds are available so that you can refine your strategy and start taking home those big wins – deposit and play Big Bad Wolf slot. Slot machines are required by law to advertise their slots return to their players, so when you find a slot you like, no need to go further to know what kind of returns to expect. 

Where can I find my favorite slot’s return? 

●     Most of the time there are a few clicks needed to find your slots return on your favorite online casinos. Usually, you can find the slots return in the top right corner in the settings icon, give it a click, and you are now ready to make those bets with a clear conscience because you know your slot’s return.There is also the classic “pen and paper” way of finding out your slots return if you want to do your due diligence. Just find out how much has been returned to the players in your session and divide that by the total of the bets placed in that session and you will get the slot’s return that you are looking for. 

How to find the right type of slot return for you?

●     There are two categories of slots when it comes to slot returns. Don’t worry, this information, just as the RTP, is required to be made available to you. Compensated machines will vary their slot return based on previous wins and losses. If one of these machines is falling short of their RTP goals they might become more generous in an effort to attract more players, so keep your eyes peeled. Random machines on the other hand do not change their slot returns based on previous losses or gains, which means their slots return remains rather consistent. 

Not all slot returns are created equal. 

●     Slot returns vary between slots from as low as 92 percent, to as high as 98 percent, So make sure that your favorite slots meet your expectations. For the pros out there, playing machines with 97 RTP or high is a favoured strategy. 

Knowing the slot’s return is a key weapon in the professional slot player’s arsenal. If you follow these simple tips, you can rest easy because now you know how to find one of the most important numbers in the game, the slot’s return.

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