“Hologram Eyes” Makeup Trend Takes Over Summer

The summer of 2021 is all about having fun, and the hottest hair and makeup trends reflect that. In the makeup department, get ready to see “hologram eyes” everywhere. This iridescent, glistening eye-makeup trend will have you tossing your liquid eyeliner to the side in favor of easy-to-apply eyeshadows and highlighters.

The pearlescent tones in the eyeshadow can appear as though they’re shifting in the light, giving off the impression of movement. The hologram-eyes makeup trend has a sense of magnetic-like energy when you look at it. It doesn’t matter where you are — the club, a birthday party, or just a casual hangout with friends — all eyes will inevitably be on you.

To create the look at home, start by prepping your eyelids with a concealer or nude eyeshadow base, like the R.E.M. Midnight Shadows Matte Liquid Eyeshadow ($16) in Totes or TTYL. Then, using your fingers, press on iridescent, not frosty, shadow or highlighter — like the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter ($40) — on the center of eyelids, inner corner, and brow bone. The key is to press, not smear, the pigment. Then, use a liner brush and wet the product with water and line the top and bottom lash line with the wet highlighter or shadow. This activates the product and gives you a slightly different effect. Have fun and be random with placement!


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