‘Help me write’ comes to Gmail for Android and iOS – 9to5Google

‘Help me write’ comes to Gmail for Android and iOS  9to5Google

According to a report from 9to5Google, Google is bringing the ‘Help me write’ feature to Gmail for Android and iOS. This feature, which was previously available only on the web version of Gmail, helps users compose emails by suggesting complete sentences as they type.

The ‘Help me write’ feature uses machine learning to analyze the text being typed and offers suggestions for completing the sentence. It can suggest phrases, complete sentences, or even entire paragraphs based on the context of the email.

This feature can be particularly useful for users who struggle with writing or need assistance in composing professional emails. It can help improve the overall quality and clarity of the emails, making communication more effective.

With the ‘Help me write’ feature now available on Gmail for Android and iOS, users can benefit from this AI-powered writing assistant on their mobile devices as well.

Source: googletagmanager

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