‘Hate wedding’ groom sentenced to community service

The groom from the 2015 “hate wedding,” in which participants celebrated the Duma arson, was sentenced to four months of community service for incitement by the Jerusalem District Court on Sunday.

Yakir Ashbel, the groom, was also given a NIS 2,000 fine and three months in prison if he commits further acts of incitement within three years of the sentence.

Another participant received 180 hours community service and a NIS 2,000 fine for his role in celebrations of the Molotov cocktail attack on the West Bank Dawabshe family home that killed 18-month-old Ali Dawabshe and his parents Sa’ad and Riham.

The court had also decided that Tzvi Yehuda Zlatkin had expressed remorse over his actions, and had significantly changed his life since the incident.

Right-wing legal aid organization, Honenu, which had been involved in the defense of the men, said that it was considering appealing the verdict of what it described as a political trial.

“We believe that this case was political persecution by the prosecutor’s office,” said Honenu attorney Moshe Polski. “The court adopted the prosecution’s absurd thesis that it saw the event as a demonstration of incitement. This indictment should never have happened.”

The footage caused outrage in Arab and Jewish communities, who dubbed the incident the “hate wedding.”


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