Gameplay review of Centurion Slot

The ancient Roman empire is one of the biggest and most powerful empires ever existed. It has marked the history of humanity forever.

From the Roman empire, we have inherited traditions and knowledge.

Also, some Roman characters became famous all over the world contributing to spread its magnificence. We are talking about the Roman soldiers, known as Centurions.

Those soldiers, for centuries, were considered the most scaring and powerful ones on the earth. Their peculiar armature became notorious thanks to the red crest.

It is easy to imagine why these ancient soldiers have inspired the creation of movies and fairy tales. 

As it often happens, the casino world like Barbados BIngo  isn’t immune to the charm of such characters and stories.

Inspired by the Roman Centurions, the provider Inspired has created this superb slot machine. We are talking about Centurion slot. 

How to play Centurion Slot 

Formed by 5 wheels and three rows with a classic Roman setting as a background, the set is quite classic.

The scene has quite vivid colours and graphic elements.

Two stone columns frame the reels, which seem to be embedded into a sort of theatre.

The only sour note, in our opinion, is the dash-board, which is different compared to the rest of the environment.

When we push the spin button, the music and sound effects go with the animation of the reels and in the case of a victory also the symbol animations.

For those who prefer silent games, they have the option to turn off all sound effects by the setting button selecting the volume icon. 

All the symbols are well-made and animated, they are related to the theme.

There are Roman elements and a few classic slot symbols. The most rewarding symbol is the logo of the slot, which pays 500 times the stake.

To hit a win, the player must get at least three consecutive and identical symbols, from the first reel on the left.

The stake can vary, from a very small bet of 20 pence minimum to a quite high stake of 250 pounds maximum. There are 20 always active pay lines, and the stake is distributed on all the lines.

The extra Features 

Besides the normal stage of the game, you can activate 4 sub-games. Among the symbols, there is a special one called a bonus. When three bonuses land on the screen, the system gives to the players the possibility to access 1 of the four phases.

This special symbol is a Centurion who handles a sword (called gladius).

When three Centurions get to the scene, the screen changes and a sort of wheel of fortune appears.

By clicking the “spin button”, this wheel starts spinning and when it stops, the arrows will show the features assigned to the player.

The extra features available are, Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome, Wild Power Spin and Caesars Free Spins. Each of these bonuses has a different setting and characteristics.

During the Prizes on Parade stage, you will find three centurions each holding a shield.

On each shield, there are 5 numbers and an arrow.

When the player clicks on the “Start button”, the numbers from the first shield on the left start glittering.  By clicking the button again, the player stops the glittering.

If one of the numbers remains highlighted, the glittering restarts.

If instead, it is the arrow to get highlighted, the glittering shifts to the next shield and the operations will be repeated.

These actions keep repeating until the player hits the arrow on the last shield. As a reward, the player gets his stake multiplied by the sum of the number collected from the shields.

The stage Caesar Free Spins offers free spins to the player.

During this stage, two wheels will appear on the screen. The player makes them spinning, and a random number of free spins get assigned.

The Road to Rome phase is a sort of chess game. A centurion, who acts as a pawn, gets moved by the player who launches the dice.

During the path, random slots are marked with numbers.

Those numbers, summed, will state the reward for the player. The game stops when the centurion reaches the opposite side of the chessboard.

The Wild Power Spins stage is a sequence of spins during which the reels will get converted into wilds symbols.

The number of spins can vary, depending on the players’ luck. During this stage, a Centurion covers the entire columns of symbols with the Wild Symbols to boost the chances of hitting a win.

The higher the number of spins won from the player is, the more columns will get covered by the wild symbols.

The symbols explained 

This slot game presents a total of 11 symbols. The classic ones, such as K, Q and J, and those related to the theme.

Starting from the most rewarding one, which is the logo of the slot, to the less rewarding, we can find a chariot, a shield with two swords, an amphitheatre, a coin and a helmet.

Then, there are also a Wild and a bonus symbol. 

The Wild can substitute all symbols to help the player complete a winning combination. It cannot substitute the bonus symbol though. 

The hidden Centurion 

A peculiar character is hiding among the bushes. He comes out wielding a trumpet, which he blows to announce an imminent win. This little fella has the power to convert three reels into a so-called Rilus Maximus.

An enormous symbol covers three reels, this increases the chances of winning. Although most of the time this Centurion plays the trumpet to celebrate the winnings, sometimes he lets you down, because he comes out only for fun.

Final thoughts 

Inspired has created an entire saga dedicated to centurions. We can find three slot machines with the same name.

Centurion Free Spins, Centurion Maximus Winnus and Centurion Optimus Maximus.

They are all different but entertaining slots. If you are a fan of the Roman Empire and want to enjoy yourself by impersonating these soldiers, these are the right slots for you.

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