Remember the days when you were but a small excitable child, looking forward to the time you could be an adult, able to drive cars, earn real money and go wherever you want? Let’s not pretend you weren’t fed up with having to be home by 7pm as a child at the weekends, or that you could only go within a one mile radius of your home. Oh no, at the time it really was rather frustrating, and there is no wonder that we all looked to our adult lives with a great deal of excitement. Funnily enough, however, as soon as we get to this age it seems as though we want nothing else but to return to the days where we didn’t have much of a care at all. The days where we could sit at play with our soft toys all day long, imagining all sorts of fantastical scenarios in our heads.

One of the main things that people remember about their childhood is their soft toys – we all had at least one cuddly little item that would never leave our side, but as you grow older these things naturally get put to one side. You cannot live like a kid forever after all, however it seems like something society is beginning to want more and more, just look at the raging success of films such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc. or The Incredibles. In the world of online slots too, this theme is something that has proved wildly popular. Don’t believe us? Just consider the impact that Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites made on its release. You really cannot argue with the amount of attention it received at and for good reason too, as this is a premier online slot. Guess what? Now the renowned Australian developers have released a highly anticipated sequel to the marvellous slot Fluffy Too. Does it live up to its predecessor? Let’s find out, shall we? 

About Fluffy Too and its Aesthetic

Fluffy Favourites rightfully blew many experienced slots fans away on its release several years ago, managing to combine a highly exciting reel spinning experience with an equally wonderful and nostalgic aesthetic. Fluffy Too continues in much the same way, with the opening screen showing the same sun drenched, rainbow filled and fluffy background as in the original Fluffy Favourites. This time the setting is a delightful summertime funfair right next to the beach. It is genuinely rare that you get to play an online slot with such a relaxing and happy background, something that means we could see ourselves playing this slot for hours and hours on end, even if we don’t win anything! Now, that’s quite the quality to have – indeed, we can see Fluffy Too doing incredibly well in the online slots world right from the offset. 

Eyecon are one of the hardest workers in the game, so it would be a huge surprise if they hadn’t updated the various fluffy symbols available in their online slot. Slot gamblers familiar with the original Fluffy Favourites will be happy to see the return of icons such as the clown fish couple, duck, turtle, lion and dragon. But it doesn’t end there either, because there are a load of new characters to get to grips with too! For example, say hello to a friendly looking rhinoceros, towering giraffe and a loveable little panda. These are all liable to appear on the pretty standard 5 reel grid configuration, on which there is 25 separate pay lines for you to make some big wins on. So far it looks like Fluffy Too is going to more than live up to its predecessor! 

About Fluffy Too and its Bonus Features 

Eyecon are never ones to mess about when it comes to making sure their games are packed full to the brim with lucrative bonus features, and Fluffy Too is no different either. If you thought the bonuses on offer in the first game were exciting (which they most definitely were), just you wait until you hear about what is available during Fluffy Too. Much like the original title the pink elephant will be your wild symbol here, and can swap with anything other than the scatter in typical online slot fashion. Something that is unique to only a select few games, of which Fluffy Too is part of, is the fact that the wild symbol also doubles the pay out of any winning combinations it is part of – cannot argue with that now, can you? Furthermore, if the pink elephant appears in a group of 3, 4 or 5 it will also grant you a number of free spins, ranging from 15, 20 or 25 respectively. Not often you get such a powerful wild symbol, is it? 

Fluffy Too also features one of our favourite Eyecon trademarks, the gamble button. Here you can gamble away your winnings on an all or nothing basis, basically you either have the chance to double your pay out, or lose it all completely! It isn’t for the fainthearted, therefore, however you could end up doubling your winnings as many as five consecutive times, and only a fool would pass that opportunity up. So far we haven’t seen anything too different to the original Fluffy Favourites, and that’s where the new Coin Pusher features comes in. This is triggered when three scatters appear anywhere on the reels, sending you through to a pick ‘em style bonus round in which the top prize is a wicked 100x multiplier. 

About Eyecon and Other Slots by Them 

Online slot developers don’t get much more experienced than the Australian company Eyecon, widely recognised to be the creators of the world’s first genuine online slot, Temple Of Isis. Since then they have only got better, with a slew of incredibly well received online slot titles. Take a look at some of these: 

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Fluffy Too: Better Than Fluffy Favourites? 

Online slot sequels can genuinely be a tough art to master, as you have to strike the balance between familiarity and new concepts too. Eyecon have done a wicked job with Fluffy Too, ensuring it beats its predecessor without being too different.

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