Everything You Need to Know About the Overwatch 2 Endorsement System

Overwatch 2 has introduced a new endorsement system that allows players to recognize and reward their teammates for a job well done. This system provides players with in-game rewards, such as bonus experience points and shoutouts from their teammates. Here is everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 endorsement system, including how to participate and all rewards included.

The endorsement system provides two rewards: a shoutout from your teammate and bonus experience points. The higher your endorsement level, the more experience points you will receive from each match. Endorsement levels range from 1 to 5, so the higher your level, the more experience points you will receive. You can also receive experience points by handing out endorsements to other players.

To receive an endorsement, you must make a good impression on your teammates during the match. This can be done by doing well in the match and saying positive words in the chat box. You can also increase your chances of receiving an endorsement by not endorsing the same player twice within 12 hours.

Players can check their endorsement level by visiting the Career Profile page. Go to Overview, where the Endorsement Level will show under the tab. To check other players’ endorsement levels, you can do so by heading to the Social Menu screen. Right-click on any of your friends or teammates, and their endorsement level will show beside their name.

The Overwatch 2 endorsement system is a great way to recognize and reward your teammates for their hard work and dedication. It is also a great way to increase your experience points and climb through the Battle Pass levels faster. For more information on the endorsement system, check out this article from Attack of the Fanboy.

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