‘Dead by Daylight’ 7th Anniversary Celebrates with New Content

Dead by Daylight, the asymmetric multiplayer horror game, is celebrating its 7th anniversary this year with new content and updates. The game, developed by Behaviour Interactive, has gained popularity thanks to streamers and is inspired by slasher movies.

One of the most exciting reveals for the game is that Nicolas Cage is joining as a survivor on July 5th, and he did all the voicework for the game personally. The game director, Mathieu Cote, spoke about Cage’s performance, saying, “He’s got such an iconic voice and delivery. We couldn’t do this without him…In some cases, for the screams and grunts, we have used different people sometimes because these are extremely strenuous exertions, and they can take a toll on people. But in this case, Mr. Cage told us there has never been a voice sound-alike for Nic Cage, and we will not have one now. So he was generous enough to record every single grunt, scream, and exertion that you will hear in Dead by Daylight.”

The game will also be receiving new cosmetics inspired by the bands Iron Maiden and Slipknot with their own packs. Iron Maiden’s pack will be inspired by their mascot Eddie and Slipknot’s pack will be inspired by the members of Slipknot. There will also be a pack called “Artists from The Fog Collection” that will be based on designs by the community from all over the world as well as Ikumi Nakamura. Nakamura worked for Bethesda before and has designed some unique outfits for The Oni, The Legion, and Yui Kimura.

Dead by Daylight is also expanding its reach with new spin-off titles. One of the games will be developed by Supermassive, who is best known for Until Dawn, and it is described as “an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices set within the backdrop of Dead by Daylight.” The second spin-off will be a PvE multiplayer game from Midwinter Entertainment and is described as going to “tackle themes of greed and lust for power, with teams of up to 4 players taking on a strange new corner of The Entity’s Realm.”

Dead by Daylight is a live service game that has managed to stay relevant for 7 years, with many updates and new content planned for the future. The game will be receiving new in-game events, Tomes, and tons of improvements to make the game more balanced based on player feedback. Joining the series will be 2 new unannounced licensed killers, 3 more new chapters, and 2 survivor-centric chapters. Year 8 is shaping up to be a bloody good time for the main title.


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