Chance the Rapper brought to tears by Kala Banham’s rendition of ‘My Funny Valentine’ on The Voice

Chance the Rapper, one of the coaches on The Voice, was brought to tears by Kala Banham’s rendition of ‘My Funny Valentine’ during the show’s Playoffs round. Banham, who was initially on Niall Horan’s team before Kelly Clarkson stole her in the Battles, impressed Chance with her emotional version of ‘Iris’ by Goo Goo Dolls in the Knockouts. During their first rehearsal together, Banham moved Chance to tears with her gorgeous take on the classic Ella Fitzgerald song. ‘I am broken right now, I literally just started crying,’ he said, wiping away some tears after she finished. Despite her stunning performance, Banham did not end up being one of the two acts Chance decided to send to the semi-finals.

The Voice Playoffs are stressful, and this season, since the Playoffs aren’t live, that means America won’t have any say in who moves forward to the Top 8 Semi-Finals. Instead, each coach will have to cut their team down from five members to just two based on their one performance during this round. Chance was already feeling the pressure before Banham started singing, but after her performance, he finally realized just how agonizing the Playoffs were going to be.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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