Casinos need to be cleverly designed to make the experience as enticing and enjoyable as possible for a wide range of different players, with different personalities, expectations and gambling styles. As technology has developed and the demographic of players has changed, the design of 666 Casino has evolved to encourage more gambling and to make the casino floors more fun. 

A casino designed for all players 

Casinos need to work for everyone, not just one type of gambler and casinos can get thousands of visitors each day – from casino floor regulars and high-rollers to new players and therefore need to make the floor as diverse as possible to cater for ranging needs and preferences. According to research, there are three main categories that most players will fit into: casual players who might go into the casino out of curiosity if they’re passing who may wish to enjoy a quick game of slots; high-rollers who are looking to play games that have the lowest house edge, like table games and are looking to win big; and hotel guests who pass through casinos which are in the hotel complex. It’s the casino’s job to appeal to all three categories of player and attract their attention and they use clever casino design to do this – with much success! 

Successful casino design 

There are many things designers of casinos need to take into consideration, including what can be seen above slot machines, where the best place to position the bar areas would be, how to create an ambient atmosphere and where to provide circulation spaces and relaxation areas. Some players prefer more intimate, quiet spaces where they can gamble privately or without huge crowds, whereas other players prefer a buzzing atmosphere and socialising in busier spots, so casino design has to appeal to both. Players also need to be able to move around the casino so the player’s casino journey needs to be mapped out when designing a casino so it’s as easy as possible for players to move around the casino floor and access their favourite games. For example, making it easy to by-pass slot machines for high-rollers who want to make a bee-line for the blackjack or poker table. 

How casino design has changed over the years 

Casino design hasn’t always been about making it as easy as possible for casino players. Back in the 1990s, it has been speculated that many casinos were designed to keep players in the casino for as long as possible using maze-like layouts so players found it hard to leave without getting distracted trying to find their way out. It has been said that casinos were purposely designed without windows or clocks to make players have no concept of time to make them play for as long as possible. This soon changed and casinos designed post-2010 were designed more like luxury playgrounds for players with a luxurious and decadent feel which made players want to stay as long as they could – a far more appealing place to be!

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