The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life

The School of Life (Author)

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The Meaning of Life

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To wonder too openly or intensely about the meaning of life can seem a peculiar, ill-fated and faintly ridiculous pastime. It can seem like a topic on which ordinary mortals cannot make much progress. In truth, it is for all of us to wonder about, define and work towards a more meaningful existence.
This book presents a range of areas in which we might seek the meaning of life, including love, family, friendship, work, self-knowledge and nature. We learn why certain things feel meaningful while others don’t, and consider how we might introduce more meaning into our activities.

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title The Meaning of Life
authors The School of Life
publisher School of Life
publishedDate 2020-01-07
description A thought-provoking guide to one of the greatest questions we will ever face - what is the meaning of life?
pageCount 136
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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