Network Science

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Network Science

Albert-László Barabás

ISBN10: 1107076269

ISBN13: 978-1107076266

Network Science

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Networks are everywhere, from the internet, to social networks, and the genetic networks that determine our biological existence. Illustrated throughout in full colour, this pioneering textbook, spanning a wide range of topics from physics to computer science, engineering, economics and the social sciences, introduces network science to an interdisciplinary audience. From the origins of the six degrees of separation to explaining why networks are robust to random failures, the author explores how viruses like Ebola and H1N1 spread, and why it is that our friends have more friends than we do. Using numerous real-world examples, this innovatively designed text includes clear delineation between undergraduate and graduate level material. The mathematical formulas and derivations are included within Advanced Topics sections, enabling use at a range of levels. Extensive online resources, including films and software for network analysis, make this a multifaceted companion for anyone with an interest in network science.

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title Network Science
authors Albert-László Barabási
publisher Cambridge University Press
publishedDate 2016-07-21
description Illustrated throughout in full colour, this pioneering text is the only book you need for an introduction to network science.
pageCount 475
printType BOOK
categories Computers
averageRating 5
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maturityRating NOT_MATURE
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