Bean Bag, Rhythm Stick Activities: Book 4

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Bean Bag, Rhythm Stick Activities: Book 4

ISBN10: 1490567461


Bean Bag, Rhythm Stick Activities: Book 4

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title Bean Bag, Rhythm Stick Activities
authors Jack Capon
publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
publishedDate 2013-07-29
description This is the Fourth in a series of 5 activity books covering preschool and the primary grades. Use these classroom-tested movement education activities to assess your students motor strengths and weaknesses in preschool and early elementary grades or special education classes. The sequence of easily given tests and tasks requires minimal instruction time and your kids will find the activities to be interesting, challenging and fun! This book has 2 parts. Part 1 covers Bean Bag Activities such as: Balance and Body Image Activities, Throwing and Catching Activities, Throwing Activities, Locomotor Activities, Speed and Agility Activities, and Partner Activities. Part 2 covers Rhythm Stick Activities such as: Motor Dexterity Activities, Hand/eye Reaction Activities, Agility Activities, Balance and Body Image Activities, Rhythm and Creative Response Activities, and Striking Activities. The book consists of 28 pages and all the activities are sequenced according to difficulty
pageCount 32
printType BOOK
categories Education
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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