Marxism Goes to the Movies

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Marxism Goes to the Movies

Mike Wayne (Author)

ISBN10: 1138677876

ISBN13: 978-1138677876

Marxism Goes to the Movies

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Introducing the key concepts and thinkers within the Marxist tradition, Marxism Goes to the Movies demonstrates their relevance to film theory and practice past and present.

Author Mike Wayne argues that Marxist filmmaking has engaged with and transformed this popular medium, developing its potential for stimulating revolutionary consciousness. As the crisis of capitalism deepens, this history and these resources are vital for a better future. Marxism is one of the few approaches that can bring together political, economic, formal and cultural analysis into a unified approach of studying film, and how films in turn can help us understand and even critically interrogate these forces. The book examines how filmmakers, who have been influenced by Marxism, have made some of the most significant contributions to film culture globally, and provides historical perspective on the development of Marxism and film. Each chapter covers a broad theme that is broken down into sections that are cross-referenced throughout, providing helpful navigation of the material.

Clear and concise in its arguments, this is an ideal introduction for students of Marxism and film, inviting readers to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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title Marxism Goes to the Movies
authors Mike Wayne
publishedDate 2019-12-13
description "This book provides a long-awaited account of how Marxism has shaped both the medium of film and the study of film. It covers key concepts that anyone studying film needs to engage with, as well as key theorists (both within and beyond film studies) and provides an historical perspective on the development of Marxism and film. Author Mike Wayne argues the need to de-reify how we look at film, link text to context, consciousness to social being, industrial strategies to cultural struggle and assesses new technological, cultural and political trends historically"--
pageCount 254
printType BOOK
categories Communism and motion pictures
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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