The Third Man

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The Third Man

Graham Greene (Author)

ISBN10: 0140286829

ISBN13: 978-0140286823

The Third Man

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Rollo Martins' usual line is the writing of cheap paperback Westerns under the name of Buck Dexter. But when his old friend Harry Lime invites him to Vienna, he jumps at the chance. With exactly five pounds in his pocket, he arrives only just in time to make it to his friend's funeral. The victim of an apparently banal street accident, the late Mr. Lime, it seems, had been the focus of a criminal investigation, suspected of nothing less than being "the worst racketeer who ever made a dirty living in this city." Martins is determined to clear his friend's name, and begins an investigation of his own...

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title The Third Man
authors Graham Greene
publisher Penguin Group USA
publishedDate 1999
description Just arrived in Vienna, Rollo Martins discovers that the friend he has come to visit is dead
pageCount 157
printType BOOK
categories Fiction
averageRating 3.5
ratingsCount 16
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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