Studying Rhythm (3rd Edition)

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Studying Rhythm (3rd Edition)

Anne Carothers Hall Professor Emeritus

ISBN10: 0130406023

ISBN13: 978-0130406026

Studying Rhythm (3rd Edition)

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title Studying Rhythm
authors Anne Carothers Hall
publisher Prentice Hall
publishedDate 2005
description Featuring over 300 metrical rhythmic studies in simple musical forms — carefully graded, with short preliminary exercises — this volume introduces readers to the basic processes and complexities of musical rhythm and helps them develop the ability to perform all kinds of rhythmic patterns accurately at sight. Suitable not only for reading, but for dictation, improvisation, and composition — and for different methods — the collection contains one- and two-part rhythmic studies — mostly 12 to 16 measures long — that are intended to be sung, spoken, and tapped or clapped. The volume examines the full range of meter studies, rests and syncopation, triplets, beats, small subdivisions, changing simple and compound meter, notes in two and three beats, four against three, four notes in three beats; three notes in four beats, quintuplets and septuplets, meters with unequal beats, changing meters with unequal beats, cross-rhythms and tempo modulation. For those interested in the rhythmic patterns most frequently encountered in Western art music.
pageCount 171
printType BOOK
categories Music
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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