Journey to the End of the Night (Alma Classics)

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Journey to the End of the Night (Alma Classics)

Louis-Ferdinand Céline (Author)

ISBN10: 0714538000


Journey to the End of the Night (Alma Classics)

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Told in the first person, the novel is based on the author's own experiences during the First World War, in French colonial Africa, in the USA - where he worked for a while at the Ford factory in Detroit - and later as a young doctor in a working-class suburb in Paris. Celine's disgust with human folly, malice, greed and the chaotic state in which man has left society lies behind the bitterness that distinguishes his idiosyncratic, colloquial and visionary writing and gives it its force.

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title Journey to the End of the Night
authors Louis-Ferdinand Céline
publisher Calder Publications Limited
publishedDate 1988
description When it was published in 1932, this revolutionary first fiction redefined the art of the novel with its black humor, its nihilism, and its irreverent, explosive writing style, and made Louis-Ferdinand Celine one of France's--and literature's--most important 20th-century writers. The picaresque adventures of Bardamu, the sarcastic and brilliant antihero of Journey to the End of the Night move from the battlefields of World War I (complete with buffoonish officers and cowardly soldiers), to French West Africa, the United States, and back to France in a style of prose that's lyrical, hallucinatory, and hilariously scathing toward nearly everybody and everything. Yet, beneath it all one can detect a gentle core of idealism.
pageCount 448
printType BOOK
categories French fiction
averageRating 4
ratingsCount 13
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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